The Evolution of the MA-1 Bomber Jacket

The very first bomber jacket was designed in 1917 to keep fighter pilots warm and flexible while operating open cockpit aircrafts. The bomber jacket also known as the flight jacket, was made for military men as well. The original styles were made in sheepskin or leather but today they are made with more lightweight fabrics. In the 1950’s the MA-1 bomber jacket became popular because of the time’s new military demands on comfort and safety. The MA-1 is a reversible jacket with a sage green shell and orange lining, stretchy cuffs, waistband and bigger sleeves. When the main producer of this jacket realized its potential, it began its mass production, leading the bomber jacket to popularity among a young culture in America and Europe. During 1950’s through 1970’s, the bomber jacket was introduced to Hollywood in the movie A Street Car Named Desired by Marlon Brandon in 1951, the movie Rebel Without A Cause by James Dean in 1955, the movie Top Gun by Tom Cruise in 1986 and many others movies. Today, the bomber jacket is a staple piece for men and women. They come in cropped or longline cuts and it is made with different fabrics from velvet, satin, parka to polyester. Because of all the modifications that this staple piece has gone through it makes it possible to be worn in a casual and formal occasion. (229)


The Bomber jacket now is very different to what we have know an example is the materials and the cuts. In this outfit the bomber jacket is made out of velvet. 


The Bomber Jacket also comes in a cropped cut perfect for the spring and summer.



And the Bomber also comes in a long lined version



The bomber jacket was made as an uniform but it can be styled for any occasion as long as it is accessorized properly

Informal with jeans

It can be worn with jeans and booties or tennis shoes for a more relaxed look


Informal with shorts

The bomber jacket give it a chic touch went worn with shorts. This cheetah print bomber makes a pair of plain shorts look great!


Informal with trousers

Wearing the bomber jacket actually makes it look stylish went worn with trousers. Perfect for a semi formal look for the office.


Formal with mini skirt

Wearing a mini for a date and adding a feminine bomber jacket just makes it more chic. Pair it up with some high heels and you are ready to go.


Formal with long skirt

This look is one of our favorites, a long platted skirt and a wool like bomber jacket make it formal enough for an interview or a meeting. Pair it up with a leather clutch to complete this look.


Formal with a dress

The cropped cut bomber can be used in maxi dresses for a more retro look or a more formal look with a longer length dress. This with a leather oversized bag, jewelry can make this look perfect for either the airport or a gathering.










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