We have the ability to do it all.  We go to school, we go to work, we make people with our bodies.  We’re basically superheroes, right? The cape blazer is a trend that fits well with the qualities with being a woman and gives you the opportunity to wear your cape in classic and feminine manner. You can wear this trend for business or casual to fit your style and maybe save a life or two 🙂

Peak-a-boo Standard Blazer

capeblazer 4

Chic Solid Color Cape Women Shawl Blazer

capeblazer 5

The most standard cape blazer is simple and can be paired with a classic white shirt.  A great button down wrinkle resistant shirt is great for everyday work with either jeans or some dress slacks.  Pair with a strapy sandal that matches your blazer to tie the whole outfit together.

Short Standard

Paris Fashion Week

capeblazer 7

The standard cape blazer is great for dressing up shorts during a night out.  Grab a pair of your favorite high-waisted shorts and lace up gladiator heels or flats.  If you have a short romper than you can warm yourself up at night by placing a cape blazer over your look.  It will bring some sophistication to a look that, on it’s own,  shows off a little bit of skin.

Silk Edge Blazer

capeblazer 1

Today… 😎 Tap for details xx

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capeblazer 3

A cape blazer with a silk lapel is the perfect way to achieve business casual with a lot of edge. Pair it with some ripped jeans and some pointed toe stiletto heels to look like a boss who really knows her fashion. You could also wear this look on a night out to a speakeasy or lounge with tapered ankle slacks or some leather leggings.

capeblazer 2

Serving some classy chic realness

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Pair this style with a pencil skirt and pointed pumps for a great date night. Let  the highlight from your blazer match the highlight on your cheekbones and look your best at your anniversary dinner with your special someone.  Add a refined crop top or a fitted blouse so that your outfit has some dimension.

Wear it Long

capeblazer 8

capeblazer 9

Extended Cape Blazer (White)

When you put on a long cape blazer, feel free to style this look the same way you would a long trench coat.  Most cape blazers are a lot lighter in weight than your trench coat so you can wear this look with a plain cotton tank or obtain a more refined look with a silk or rayon seamless tank.  Put on a graphic tee and some sleek heels for a dinner date with the girls. This look also looks great with a pant romper.

Dazzling Cape Blazer

capeblazer 10

This sequin style is for those of you who want to really stand out with a new trend.  Pair this with a great pencil skirt or leather leggings.  This outfit is great for a celebration, whether it’s a birthday or holiday. Since your sequin blazer is the highlight of your outfit, be sure to balance that out with a simple chic outfit underneath.

You have all the tools to be your own superhero in style.  There’s definitely a plethora of styles to the cape blazer and so many ways for you to wear this trend.  For your next occasion, pick your favorite one and make it your own and you’ll be ready to save the world and look amazing doing it.


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