Women love…

when we can change an accessory and completely transform our outfits.  A head scarf is one of those great accessories that not only changes your outfit and gets you out of that bad hair day you may have been having, but will allow you to take on a new persona and vision with your look.  It allows your facial structure to shine through if you have bold pattern or even a soft subtle solid.  The greatest thing about a scarf atop your head is that you can wear them in different styles and truly make this trend your own.

Top Knot Wrap





The top knot turban is my favorite way to wear a headscarf.  Whether it covers all of your hair or leaves some out, its a great style for edgy and bohemian looks.  Its a great way to protect your hair from the heat in the summer time with a maxi dress and cute wedges or you could pair it with some jeans and heels for a night out.  Wrap your hair in bold patterns when you have a solid outfit and use a solid wrap for an outfit with many colors or textures.

Wrap With a Bow





A head wrap with a bow makes any outfit cute and flirty.  Pair this type of wrap with a cute pencil or flowing skirt.  A denim shirt makes for a great duo when you have a a paisley or geometric printed scarf with a bow and gives you a very feminine look.

Freelance Knot Wrap




Now if you’re creative and you feel like trying something different the freelance knot is your go-to style of a hair wrap.  It’s perfect for those sporty days at school where your outfit is very relaxed and you have something amazing on top.  Grab a pair of leggings with a oversized sweater and go off to class.  Or if your at a summer concert, wrap your hair in a freelance knot and put on a graphic tee with your favorite denim shirts.  Your freelance knot will keep your hair protected and you’ll look like a goddess.

Beehive Wrap



The beehive wrap is your ultimate bohemian chic wrap.  Looks great with off the shoulder blouses and sleeveless dresses.  This headdress focuses your eyes up towards the face and elongates your head shape.  Be sure to pair this beauty with some great statement jewelry like gold hoops or a bold chunky necklace.

Twisted Wrap



This twisted style goes great with your casual wear.  You can slip this right over your hair when its down or you can hold back messing fly-a-ways when you have a messy bun.  Wear this look with a great zip-front track jacket and some leggings.  If its a little cooler outside then grab your coziest sweater, jeans and a great pair of sneakers.

As you now know, there are plenty of different ways to wear a head wrap.  Your hairstyle will determine which one you’ll choose to wear on your head.  Don’t let another bad hair day stand in your way.   🙂

EJT ♥♥♥

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Here’s links to some great scarves so you can create your favorite looks:

Freelance/Top knot Wrap:

Beehive Wrap:

Wrap With a Bow:

Twisted Wrap:


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