Buckle Up

One of the hottest emerging trends of summer 2016 is staying strong in its popularity. Women are seen sporting these double buckle bets of all shapes and sizes for different occasions. This bold statement piece gives the perfect pop to a simple outfit while defining your waistline and making you feel even more confident.

Around Town

This bold belt may not seem like the first accessory to come to mind when you are getting ready for work or going out on the town. However, the double buckle belt can be easily adapted to add to your outfit. Adding this belt to a pair of jeans or a mini dress cinches and defines the waistline and adds that extra sexy side of sophistication.


Day out

When going out to lunch with a friend on a Sunday afternoon, or heading to church, this belt adds just the right amount of detail to your outfit. Pair with your favorite floral maxi dress, throw on a pair of booties and add the double buckle belt, and you’re ready to take on the day.


Comfy Casual 

Even though a bold statement piece can be added to make a outfit a more dressed up and sophisticated feel, what is so great about this belt is that it can be worn to accompany any casual outfit too! Even though the belt is decorative, it is also a functional belt too. There is no more reason to keep using that old tattered belt you’ve had since middle school that isn’t meant to be shown. Swap it out for this fun and spunky belt that will sure make heads even on your causal days at home or running errands. Just simply add to your loose jeans and pair with a plain t-shirt or chunky sweater. The possibilities are endless!


I used to be afraid to wear a belt and actually show it because I felt so exposed and was self conscious of how my legs looked in jeans. I have grown to see that not only will showing more of my waistline by wearing belts will make my figure more defined. In return i gain just a little more confidence. This belt can be that small bit of confidence that you need. There are many places that offer this style belt at many different price points and styles. *helpful hint* If you explore to small boutiques by the beach, many stores carry this type of belt.

Here a few places to find your perfect accessory for winter, spring, summer and fall:




Until next week,

K 💕


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