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the hottest trend for fall, spring, winter and summer. As velvet becomes an increasingly popular fabric in the fashion world, there is many questions as to what to buy and how to wear velvet. Luckily, velvet is an extremely versatile fabric to have. Some of the easiest and chic ways to wear velvet are sneakers, booties and over the knee boots. These shoes, no matter how basic or bold it may seem will bring your outfit and wardrobe to whole new level.

Velvet Sneakers

Sneakers are comfy, casual and very practical. However, many people resort back to the same black and white sneakers. Owning a pair of velvet sneakers will take your casual and business wear to a new funky level, expressing your individuality in a fun way.


Blush velvet sneakers with ribbon laces add a pop of color to this comfy casual look by mixing textures with the sweater. By adding velvet to simple pieces, an outfit can be able to transition from a day out running errands, to a lunch date with an old friend by adding a simple statement necklace.


No matter what your day consists of, having a pair of velvet sneakers will be the perfect compliment to your work attire. The simple addition to a classic trench black cross body.


A small platform to a velvet sneaker gives a more grungy look and can create different styles. These platform sneakers would pair well with an embellished bomber jacket for a night out on the town or even to wear while heading to the market.

Velvet Booties

Velvet booties are the staple piece for spring, summer, fall and winter. Booties add the small detail of texture and glamour to every outfit. But, when you step out in velvet booties, you are sure to be catching eyes with the fun colors and confidence you will gain from these shoes.


The thought of wearing blue shoes, can be nerve-wracking. But blue booties may be a completely crazy, new idea. However, seeing how the height elongates the legs, adds a blend of texture, and looks effortless, it won’t be so scary. The first step to confidence is out the door. Pair your velvet booties with a pair of cut off shorts and a textured top/jacket in the spring and summer to exude chic confidence.


Choosing an outfit for running errands, or meeting a girlfriend for lunch can be made so much more simpler with having a pair of velvet booties in your closet. Pairing these booties with a fluffy jacket and a simple pair of jeans keeps a simple, yet interesting outfit.


Not only can velvet booties be used for aesthetic purposes, but for functionality as well. As the climate continues to drop in the winter, the need for functional, yet stylish booties are a necessity. With pairing these booties with a simple sweater and fleece leggings, this style can go from “I’m cold and can’t wear my cute shoes” to “I’m wearing my best shoes because they keep me warm”.

Velvet Over-The-Knee Boots

Over-the-knee boots are becoming more and more popular with street style and celebrity exposure. Many consumers are liking this trend, but don’t know how often they can wear these bold boots and with what they already have in their closet. Over-the-knee boots are not only flattering and functional, but sophisticated and stylish.


Even though these boots are a dark cranberry red, they are not too bold to rock. These boots take the place of pants in this outfit because of the short hemline on the casual shirt dress. The boots also break up the amount of leg skin that is showing to appear more modest. This outfit can be reinterpreted in many ways to use what you already have in your closet.


These bright red boots with a sharp heel adds spunk to a fancy evening outfit. Paired with a romper or dress will keep you looking classy and sultry. This type of boot can be made in virtually any color that accurately represents your style.


A simple and chic pair of neutral over-the-knee boots are a necessity…this cannot be stressed any more. Pair these boots with a dress and coat, or ever jeans and a blazer to create a simplistic, yet put together look that will keep you looking stylish for every season.

The uproar with velvet is a wonderful creation that looks absolutely amazing on shoes. Even better, different types of shoes that can be worn for so many different occasions all year long. The perfect velvet pair of sneakers, booties or over-the-knee boots are out there. Here are just a few places to find your perfect match.




Over-the-knee boots

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