Buckle Up

One of the hottest emerging trends of summer 2016 is staying strong in its popularity. Women are seen sporting these double buckle bets of all shapes and sizes for different occasions. This bold statement piece gives the perfect pop to a simple outfit while defining your waistline and making you feel even more confident. Around Town... Continue Reading →


The Fancy Flat

    The loafer or slipper is a slip on shoe, low and lace-less shaped like a moccasin. One of the first designs was introduced in London by Wildsmith Shoes, called the Wildsmith Loafer. They began as casual shoes, but became popular in America as city lounge shoes.  Gucci was the first designer to introduce... Continue Reading →


LETS BE HONEST.... camouflage has moved far away from the war paint that it used to be.  Instead of being the cloak designed to hide from people, we are seeing camouflage grow more and more popular everyday as a stand out trend that ensures you will be seen.  It's even become one of our nudes... Continue Reading →

Velvet Luxe

Dip your toes into... the hottest trend for fall, spring, winter and summer. As velvet becomes an increasingly popular fabric in the fashion world, there is many questions as to what to buy and how to wear velvet. Luckily, velvet is an extremely versatile fabric to have. Some of the easiest and chic ways to wear velvet are... Continue Reading →

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